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Travel With Us

We offer you so many traveling options from transportations services that will take you one way, leaving in a minibus sharing with around 12- 15 people to private services like the shuttle from the airport to the hostel. And a huge variety or tours. If you want to book a tour or a shuttle service please contact us at: adventours@junglepartyhostal.com, all prices listed here are subject to change due to seasons and exchange rates, listed in American dollars and include internet fees if you want to book them before your arrival.

Airport to Hostel

We can provide airport pickup at the cost of 45.00USD from. 1-3 people. This service is private and in case of a delayed they will be waiting for you for at least 2 hours after your arrival.

To book you shuttle please write us back on agreement of the price, we will send you a pay pal link for you to pay for the service in advance.
You do not need to have a pay pal account in order to pay. Just follow the link instructions.

Once we make the arrangements, in case that you need to cancel, you have up to 48 hours before your shuttle is to pick you up, after that time if you cancel you will still be charged for the shuttle. If for any reason your flight is cancelled or delayed and you are unable to cancel this shuttle service before 48 hours of you arrival time. Please let know you airline they will need to refund you for this service.
Looking forward to meet you.

Antigua to Airport

Airport By Colectivo $12.00
The ride from Antigua to the airport is normally 1 hour; but if you are meant to be there during rush hours( 7:30am to 8:30am or 12:00pm-2:00pm and 4:30pm to 7:00pm) it will take you at least 2 hours to get to the airport.
We recommend you take an earlier one to allow for traffic delays.

04:00am, 09:00am, 12:30pm, 06:30pm………………………………..……. $12.00
07:30am, 11:00am, 03:00pm……………………………………………..…… $18.00

Antigua to Hotels & Bus stations in Guatemala City
04:00am, 09:00am, 12:30pm, 06:30pm……………………………….……. $12.00
07:30am, 11:00am, 03:00pm……………………………………………..……… $18.00

Lake Atitlan

A Shuttle to Lake Atitlan takes 2.5 hours normally, but when roads are bad please allow for an extra hour. Chicken buses are not worth it when traveling to the lake for various reasons. They take 5-6 hours and you have to take 3 different chicken buses. Changing in the middle of the highway between buses often means that backpacks might get stolen while changing bus. So we recommend taking a shuttle service to any of the towns around the lake, you can choose to go Panajachel or San Pedro.

09:00am, 12:00pm, 04:00pm………………………………………………..$12.00

Antigua – San Marcos / San Pedro La Laguna
08:30am, 02:00pm…………………………………………….…………………$12.00


The Chichi market is only Thursday and Sunday. A shuttle takes 3 hours to get there. They need to leave early to be on time since the market only last until early afternoon. It is an amazing market full of color and pretty spectacular stands. If you are planning to go from Chichi to the lake we can it arrange for additional Q65.00.
Thursday & Sunday- 07:00am…………….………. $12.00
Returns to Antigua 02:00pm…………..……….. $12.00
if you want to connect from Chichicastenango to Panajachel add $10.00 to the price.

Semuc Champey

When you plan to go to Semuc, you will need at least 3 days, 2 days of travel and at least 1 day for exploring the river, pools and caves. From Antigua the trip will take 7-8 hours to Lanquin by shuttle and Semuc Champey is located 1 hour away from Lanquin up in the mountains. Most people stay in Lanquin and visit Semuc Champey and the caves the next day.There are NO ATM’s in Lanquin so take enough cash with you.
08:00am, 02:00pm

Tikal from Antigua $40.00 / from Lanquin $25

To get to Tikal we have 2 different types of services:

1. A shuttle from Antigua to the city then transferring to a first class either in the morning or an overnight coach bus. The shuttle leaves Antigua at 7:30 am or 18:30 pm, the overnight bus will arrive in Santa Elena city at 6:00am. If you choose this service remember to take a jacket and socks for the ride because the drivers like to set their air conditioning to arctic temperatures.

2. A direct Shuttle not from Antigua but from Lanquin to Flores, leaving Lanquin at 8:00am and arriving at Flores at 4:00pm. This is a normal minibus not a coach bus. It does not have a toilet but they will stop for food and bathrooms.It Takes 7-8 hours to get to the Island of Flores and from there you can take a tuk tuk to your hostel. This is an ideal shuttle if you are planning to go first from Antigua to Semuc Champey.

Rio Dulce


To get to Rio Dulce first you have to take a shuttle from Antigua to Litegua Bus Station in Guatemala City and change to a coach style bus. The buses leave at 6:30am when you take the 4:00am shuttle, 11:30am when you take the one at 7:30am and at 14:00pm with the one at 9:00am. The trip from Guatemala City to Rio Dulce will take 5-6 hours. This price include both rides. There will be cheaper prices for this service in town but they use a company called Fuentes del Norte and this can be a nightmare of a ride, taking sometimes up to 8-9 hours if the driver decides to go to his house, run errands or stop for every person that wants to jump in the bus along the road.

4:00am, 7:30am, 9:00am
we can also help you to get from Lanquin to Río Dulce, leaving Lanquin at

El Paredon

The perfect place to relax at the pacific coast and have an amazing time at the beach, we have daily departures at 9:30 am, it will take you up to 2 hours to get there. Returns the next day at 1:00 pm. sold separately by the same price. we can book your stay at the driftwood surfer if you like to.


The city of Quetzaltenango popularly know as “Xela” is located in the Altiplano area of Guatemala, famous for its beautiful valley and magnificent volcano views, takes 5 hours to get there, the ride is a direct shuttle from Antigua.
05:30am, 02:30pm

El Salvador

Santa Ana, Ruta de las Flores

$35.00 4 people minimum
Santa Ana is the second biggest city of El Salvador, located in the coffee area of El Salvador known today as “Ruta de las Flores” is well know for its beautiful gothic cathedral, theater and city hall. 1 hour by bus from a volcano lake called Coatepeque, and 2-4 hours from Ahuachapán, Ataco, Juayua, Tacuba and Apaneca makes it a strategy point if you want to explore this area. It is also only 1 hour away from San Salvador. We gladly help you to book your accommodation in any of these cities’ popular hostels. El Salvador currency is the USD, don’t change money in the border you will get dollars in any ATM once in El Salvador, just take around $20.00usd to get by crossing the border.
Leaves from Antigua at 08:00 am
Leaves Santa Ana to Antigua at 1:00pm

El Tunco Y El Zonte

This stoned beach has become a really popular destination in El Salvador for its amazing surfing waves and lots of party over the weekend. The ride takes 5-6 hours from Antigua. Plenty of surfboard rentals and surfing classes. Classes and accommodation deals can be book with us.

Leaves at 02:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 8:00am everyday



The city of Leon located 90 km away from Managua, well know for its architecture and adventures tours like volcano boarding. The ride is a direct shuttle from Antigua and it takes 12 hours. Crossing the border in El Salvador is free but Honduras charges$3.00USD and Nicaragua charges $12.00USD. Citizens of China, some Middle Eastern and African countries need visa.

Leaves at 02:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Granada with its colonial architecture and its famous lake attracts thousands of tourist every year, full of hotels, shops, museums and plenty of activities is a central point to travel around the region. It takes 15 to 17 hours to get there from Antigua that is why the ride is cut in two, staying one night in Leon and leaving the next day to Granada or San Juan del Sur. One night Accommodation in a dorm bed at Lazybones Hostel is included with your shuttle. If you want to stay longer in Leon than one night you can pay $20.00 fee for your shuttle to be changed for a max of three days lay over and directly pay for your extra nights of accommodation.

Leaves at 02:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

San Juan Del Sur

What can we say about San Juan del Sur? is amazing.. that’s it!! You’ll be asking “are we there yet…for hours”… YES.. The ride is freaking long.. YESbut worth it. You will leave Antigua at 2:00am They will stop several times so you can give a break to your lovely touchy. On your ride there you will stop briefly in Santa Ana and El Tunco in El Salvador then ahead to Leon, Nicaragua where you will stay one night, accommodation in a dorm bed at Lazybones hostel is included in your shuttle. The next day you will continue to Granada and finally 4 hours later from Granada you will arrive to the magical surfing paradise of San Juan del Sur. If you want to stay longer in Leon than one night you can pay $20.00 fee for your shuttle to be changed for a max of three days lay over and directly pay for your extra nights of accommodation.

Leaves at 02:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday




This is a peaceful city, with an exquisite vegetation and beautiful landscape. We have daily departures at 4:00 am from Antigua to the Guatemala city traveling on a shuttle and from the city to Tapachula at 6:00 am, traveling on a coach bus, it takes around 7 hours to get there.


San Cristobal de Las Casas

This colonial city, located 46 Km from Tuxtla is named one of the most romantic and magic cities in the world…very similar to Antigua on its architectural layout and also nominated humanity inherence protected by Unesco. Takes 7 hours to get there from Antigua directly.