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6a Avenida Norte #20, Entre 3a y 2a calle Poniente, Antigua, Guatemala | find us on Facebook
Phone: +502 7832 8975 | reservations@junglepartyhostal.com

A Terrible Place

Welcome everybody to the hostel with the most terrible name..ehhh.. nah!!!
Our reputation for great music, crazy drinks and awesome people, is well known all over. Please allow me to give you a tour with the best staff ever, through a hostel that has been proudly taking care of more than 250,000 travelers around the world for more than 15 years. With one thing in common, they all agree that our name sucks but our atmosphere is awesome, and you will feel like part of the family !!!
Here we go…

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Why the name?

This whole adventure began with big ideas, great concepts, a lot of creativity but very little money. The building where the hostel sits was empty and pretty much destroyed; jungle was everywhere, growing inside every single room in the establishment even coming out the only toilet he had back then.

A real jungle and a real mess!!

I needed money to open and get it all fixed up. Heeding the advice of a close friend I did what I do best and threw a party. With Halloween just around the corner we decided to celebrate a little early and threw a raging party. 600 hundred people showed up!!

It was a huge, crazy, fun… wild party!!! During the party a very flamboyant friend starts mocking the jungle surroundings and said, “This is not a Halloween party its a jungle party!” After two and a half years of throwing parties, endless repairs, and plenty of blood sweat and tears, Jungle Party Hostel Club & Restaurant was finally the beauty I dreamed it would be.